I Collaborate with Women Business Owners to Build Their Businesses and Share Their Talents with the World

Does any of this sound like you?

  • You own your own business and you provide an amazing service, but you need a more professional website to attract your ideal client.
  • You want a better way to showcase your portfolio and establish your credibility, knowledge, and mad skills.
  • You want a functional website in addition to a good looking one – one that takes appointments or accepts payments, for example.
  • You just don’t have the time to figure out how to create, update, or maintain a website on your own. 
  • Your time is better spent doing your life’s work and being in your zone of genius.
  • You’re finally ready to outsource the “tech expert” for your business.

You want to have a positive impact in your community while growing a successful business.

You’re ambitious, unique, and authentic. You are organized and confident in your abilities and decisions. You have rockstar skills and talents.

You just wish you could find someone you can trust to help you with the technical aspects of setting up a web page and getting everything talking to each other. Someone who will walk you through a complicated process and not leave you hanging. Someone who can break down the technical jargon into a language you can understand. Oh and by the way, can this not drag on for months and months and months…?

My friend, you’ve come to the right place.

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  • What would it feel like if you had a good looking professional website that attracts your ideal client and saves you both time and money with its functionality?
  • What would you do if you had more time to dedicate either to your business, or your family, or better yet, yourself?
  • What will be possible for you when your business takes off and your income starts to rise?
  • How will it feel to confidently give out your web address knowing you will be impressing the socks off of potential clients?

Before Working With Me...

  • You have no website or you have a website that could use some major improvements, updates, and love.
  • You’ve been putting off building out a website for months or years because you don’t know where to start.
  • You have an amazing business and are highly skilled but you’re struggling to attract more clients.
  • You’d really like to look more professional in all the details – branding, email, a consistent look and feel to your business.
  • You spend a lot of your time making/changing appointments, chasing down payments, messing with your website.

After Working With Me...

  • You have fantastic new website that highlights you, your personality, and your expertise in your chosen profession.
  • You have had a great collaborative experience designing your website and don’t need to worry about it anymore.
  • You attract more of your favorite types of clients – you’re as booked out as you want to be!
  • You have had a role in the process of choosing your beautiful new branding and are proud of the results.
  • You have more time for your clients, to grow your business, or for your own enjoyment. 

Here Is How We Can Work Together!

Your Biz Gonna Take Off

The Works

One on one Business Deep Dive, Customer Journey Map, and Ideal Client Deep Dive Session so I have all the info I need to create your content and design a strategic site for you that helps you reach your business goals.

Branding Design resulting in a custom visual brand that you’ll be proud of (and that attracts your ideal client).

Strategic Website Copy written for you so that your website converts. Includes collaboration on, copy, and design of your freebie and 3 email welcome series.

Build and Test so that you don’t have to touch the tech and have peace of mind that everything works exactly as expected.

Launch, Train, and Support (including 60 days Quality Assurance) so that you’re empowered and live with a fantastic and functional website (without doing any of the heavy lifting).

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The Essentials

DIY Business Deep Dive, Customer Journey Map, and Ideal Client Deep Dive so that you know exactly what content to give me so that I can build a strategic site that helps you reach your business goals.

DIY Brand Board Template and Instructions so that you can give me a stunning visual brand to use on your website.

DIY Strategic Website Copy Guidelines so that you can give me website copy that converts.

Build and Test so that once you’ve handed over your branding and copy, you don’t have to touch the tech (and you’ll have peace of mind that everything works exactly as expected).

Launch, Train, and Support (including 30 days Quality Assurance) so that you’re empowered to make changes on your site as needed.

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The Foundation

VIP One Day/One Page Site Intensive so you can have my undivided attention for one entire day to put together a simple one-page WordPress Website using your copy and branding and my template.


DIY Brand Board Template and Instructions so that you can create a stunning visual brand to use on your website.

DIY Strategic Website Copy Guidelines so you can write website copy that converts.

Site Setup, Installation and Training so that the techie stuff is done for you and you quickly have a professional and personalized website to point your clients to.

Deep Sea Diver

Not yet ready to jump in? Let me do a deep dive assessment on your current website.

One really great way to get a flavor of working together and to see what is possible for you and your business is by doing a website assessment. Let me put together a spreadsheet detailing all the great things about your website, as well as some different areas to consider for improvements. We will have an hour-long Zoom call to strategize your website and your tech setup as a whole. You will leave with a very thorough spreadsheet of information with at least 5 actionable steps to improve your website and your business.

"Cory's combination of clear guidance and attentive listening has made my website design process very satisfying. Responsive, intuitive and technically capable, she helped me create a beautiful site. In addition to a structured process for creating a great site, Cory has been very quick in helping me address technical glitches as they arise and to problem solve back end functional flow. She is a pleasure to work with."
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Sarah Dimock
Enneagram Coach/Therapist

Now Offering VIP Design Day Intensives

In many situations you don’t need a brand new custom website that will take a month or so to put together. Maybe you just need a simple 2-3 page site ASAP. Or maybe you need a refresh of either your site or your branding. Or maybe you’d like add a scheduling tool to your site, or set up an opt in and email funnel. Or maybe you have a punch list of tech tasks that you just want to get DONE. Get my undivided attention for a full day – you will LOVE how much we can accomplish in a single day.

Frequently Asked Questions

 I specialize in WordPress design and development.

You will need to purchase your own domain and hosting. The cost varies, but at the low end it’s about $100 a year. This is not included in the packages I provide because I want you to be able to manage this piece after your website is finished, and have the confidence and skills to update your site as needed on your own (if you desire, or I can definitely help you out too).

It depends. The Works package includes branding and graphics. My other website design packages do not but I provide you guidance and templates. We can discuss this on our consultation call or via email.

It depends. The Works package includes copywriting for your site based on an in depth interview with you. My other website design packages do not, but I provide questionnaires and templates to help you out. We can discuss this on our consultation call or via email.

If you purchase The Works package, I will be doing the bulk of your branding and copywriting for you with your input. For the other packages, you will need to provide a logo, your images, all of your website copy, links to your social media profiles, product and service descriptions and anything else you want to make sure is included on your site.

I will be installing an SEO plugin for you, configuring it and optimizing your overall site for SEO. When your website is completed, I will show you how to use it as you add content to your site.

WordPress can be vulnerable to hackers, but we will be installing a free security plugin that is your website sentry. We will have you use a strong password (not “admin” or anything easy to guess) and we will be making nightly backups in case something crazy happens, we can quickly and easily restore your site to the correct version. A hacker takeover is highly unlikely with all of the roadblocks we will have in place, but regardless we will be prepared and protected.

We will discuss this but the bottom line is that it’s your choice. When we finish your website, you will have documentation and training on how to do nightly backups as well as WordPress, plugin, and content updates. These actions are critical to protecting your site from hackers and keeping it running quickly and efficiently. You can also hire me to do this on a monthly basis.

It varies depending on the package you choose, but generally starts with a kickoff call to get to know you and your business. We will complete the Project Planner. We will schedule a series of design meetings so we are both making sure we get our homework done on time. You will be able to make comments and revisions during the entire process. When your website launches (yeah!) we will discuss training, documentation, and next steps.

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What Other Questions Do You Have?

I’ll tell it to you straight – putting together a website is not a super simple process. It’s going to be a bit of work, a bit of money, and a whole lot of collaboration, but I know you can do it and you’re going to love having me as your partner in crime. If you have any questions about the process or your specific needs, please reach out for a 20 minute free consultation, or fill out the form on the contact page. I am super excited to hear all your great ideas and to help make your vision a reality. It’s going to be amazing.