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Women to Watch: Interviews with Women Building Their Businesses with Love, Compassion, and Rockstar Skills.

Becoming an entrepreneur in midlife has been a fascinating experience and a confounding one as well – why am I just now learning about this amazing opportunity? Why did it never before occur to me to start a business? Why did I doubt myself and think I had nothing interesting to offer the world? Do other people feel this way at first? Why aren’t more women celebrated and acknowledged for their amazing accomplishments? I am excited to tell you some stories from some incredible women I’ve met on my journey. Each has a unique story about why they started their business, what impact they hope to have on the world, and what they’ve learned along the way. I hope you enjoy and find some inspiration here!

Kim Byers Styling

Style Coach Brings Her Flair

Kimberly Byers started Kim Byers Styling last year and is an amazing Style Coach. I have been fortunate enough to get to experience her expertise, and dang, is she good. She is all about building your confidence, encouraging you to invest in yourself and build a more meaningful and fulfilling

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Kara Bitar

Lawyer turned Life Coach/Yoga Instructor

I struggled with the title of this post, because Kara Bitar is not an ordinary Life Coach nor is she an ordinary Yoga instructor. Kara teaches people how to optimize their life, and she does this by teaching a variety of modalities, including Kundalini Yoga (aren’t you curious? I am!

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Sherri Moore SendMe Tasks

Building a Virtual Assistance Company

Becoming a virtual assistant was something I considered strongly as I started exploring different opportunities to grow a flexible business from home. As the online world has grown, so has the need for assistance with tasks that can be done remotely. Sherri Moore started growing her team in 2017 and

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Business Coach Maggie Perotin from Stairway to Leadership

Business Coach Helps Empower Women

Maggie Perotin from Stairway to Leadership is going to knock your socks off. Maggie is a business coach for women small business owners. If you need a boost of energy, enthusiasm, and inspiration to help you meet your business goals, you’ve gotta start hanging out with Maggie (virtually, of course).

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Hannah Wolfram from DisVisibility

Entrepreneur Focused on Accessibility

Hannah Wolfram from DisVisibility is a friendly, motivated, hard-working entrepreneur with the goal of increasing accessibility and inclusivity for the disabled community on all digital platforms. She just started her business but you’d think she’s been at it for years. This woman is taking giant strides in working towards her

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Made By Bxlicia Photographer

Photographer Believes Everyone is a Model

Belicia from Made By Bxlicia is a photographer and graphic designer with a fantastic eye. She was one of the first people who let me do a website assessment for them, and I’ve been excited to see the improvements she’s made to her site as a result of our consultation.

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Vera Brooks - Screenwriter

A Screenwriter Brings Her Stories to Life

I have met many highly creative, motivated, and focused entrepreneurs these past few months, and many I’ve met in Facebook groups that share common interests. I met Vera Brooks in a group focused on heart-centered female entrepreneurs. Vera posted a beautiful eye catching image promoting “Vaccine Vignettes” a narrative anthology

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Erin Hodgson

Awakening the Wise Woman

It is absolutely fascinating to me the beautiful and varied ways women are able to create a successful and fulfilling online business these days. Can I just say how much I love the internet (when put to good use!) – Erin is from New Zealand which is very dear to

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Jennifer Mazur Art

Smashing the Stigma of Mental Health

Jennifer Mazur is an artist with a mission to smash the stigma of mental health. Born in Florida and currently living in Sweden, Jennifer finds inspiration in colors, texture, nature, women, and dreams. I absolutely love her art and am contemplating a trip to Sweden to pick one out 😉

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Coaching by Cara Smock

Coach Cara Brings a Holistic Approach

I am so inspired by women making their dreams come true – for years this was just a lofty concept that “other” women were doing. Now I’m making it my mission to get to know these women, find out what their vision is and their why and what steps they

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Candace of Generational Wealth Credit Consultants

A Credit Consultant with Big Plans

You know, the best part of my job is the amazing women business owners I get to meet every day. Candace was the first person who agreed to let me do a website assessment for her in exchange for me getting to ask her some questions about her business and

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Vanessa Flood - doula, lactation consultant

A Doula For You To Meet

Meet Vanessa Flood – a no-nonsense, unapologetic, fierce and determined, extremely knowledgable, thoughtful, and seriously, make-me-pee-my-pants-funny kind of woman. She has shown me what it takes to take a passion and turn it into a career. She’s been at it almost 20 years and she has many gems of wisdom

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Starting a life coach business with Ellie Bender

A Life Coach for Overwhelmed Working Moms

For my inaugural blog post, I’ll be honest – I wanted to interview someone I trust and admire and know pretty well. I’m pleased to introduce you to Ellie Bender, a fellow women business owner who is also a good friend. We met at an amazing cooperative preschool for our

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Cory Peterson Meadowlark Consulting

Hi, I'm Cory

I am a web designer, tech consultant, and mid-life entrepreneur. I am passionate about lifting the voice, the impact, and the economic level of women entrepreneurs everywhere. I live in the Pacific Northwest with my family, my pup, and 5 chickens. 

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