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Women to Watch: Interviews with Women Building Their Businesses with Love, Compassion, and Rockstar Skills.

Becoming an entrepreneur in midlife has been a fascinating experience and a confounding one as well – why am I just now learning about this amazing opportunity? Why did it never before occur to me to start a business? Why did I doubt myself and think I had nothing interesting to offer the world? Do other people feel this way at first? Why aren’t more women celebrated and acknowledged for their amazing accomplishments? I am excited to tell you some stories from some incredible women I’ve met on my journey. Each has a unique story about why they started their business, what impact they hope to have on the world, and what they’ve learned along the way. I hope you enjoy and find some inspiration here!

Lauren Thiele Copywriter

(Copy)writing as a Gateway to the Soul

Lauren Thiele Roy is quickly growing her copywriting business in the online coaching world. She masterfully harnesses social media marketing to find her ideal clients. You can find her on Instagram and on Facebook. I’m excited to check out her book recommendation “Hypnotic Copywriting” – doesn’t that sound interesting?! When

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Rachel LeRoy HipMaps

Map Maker is Making Her Mark

I’m very excited to introduce you to a very creative business owner, Rachel LeRoy of HipMaps. Rachel designs custom maps for weddings, retreats, vacation rentals, etc. Not only is she a mapmaker (I adore maps, and have a certification in GIS) but she creates beautifully designed physical and digital projects

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Lynn Chapman Sound Medical Marketing

Pivot to Digital Marketing

I met Lynn Chapman on Alignable this summer. Lynn recently pivoted from health education to digital marketing, bringing clarity, strategy, and tons of experience for a great niche: health care providers. I think one thing we can all learn from Lynn is the importance of figuring out your ideal client

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Fitness, Nutrition, Mindset Coach

Alisha Carlson has been a fitness, nutrition, and mindset coach since 2017. I love her non-diet approach to healthy living and her focus on mindset as the key to a better life. You can find her on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, and her podcast “The Strong[HER] Way | non diet

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Social Mediation Retreats

Social Media(tion) Retreats

Dawn Gonzalez built her business out of a desire to provide meaningful connections between mothers and tween/teen daughters. She does this by organizing retreats to Costa Rica and providing a variety of fun and engaging experiences to bring kids and parents closer together. Dawn has extensive knowledge and experience in

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Learn to Speak German like Magic

Britta Friedrich will make you want to start learning the German language, or go back to any language that you ever wanted to learn. We’re not talking about the type of language learning we did in high school/college where you can hardly order dinner or ask for directions in that

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Grace Harman

Grieving as an Embodied Process

Grace Harman is a lovely woman whose name reflects her character. She is an embodied grief coach, although the word “coach” doesn’t seem to match the level of her work. She offers one on one and group programs using a combination of meditation, movement, writing, art-making and discussion to process

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Into the Bold Annie Sisson

Travel Designer Encourages Us to Go Into the Bold

I am so thrilled to introduce you to Annie Sisson from Into the Bold. Annie is a Travel Experience Designer and basically has my dream job (oh wait – I’m creating that right now – maybe my future dream job!) We met on Facebook group for women who love to

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Stephanie Snow Beauty Revolution

Talkin’ About a Beauty Revolution

I met Stephanie Snow in a fantastic Facebook group for female entrepreneurs. She has started a business called Beauty Revolution which aims to help women discover their authentic beauty, and use it to better their own lives, and the world around them. We have been chatting for a few months

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Kim Byers Styling

Style Coach Brings Her Flair

Kimberly Byers started Kim Byers Styling last year and is an amazing Style Coach. I have been fortunate enough to get to experience her expertise, and dang, is she good. She is all about building your confidence, encouraging you to invest in yourself and build a more meaningful and fulfilling

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Kara Bitar

Lawyer turned Life Coach/Yoga Instructor

I struggled with the title of this post, because Kara Bitar is not an ordinary Life Coach nor is she an ordinary Yoga instructor. Kara teaches people how to optimize their life, and she does this by teaching a variety of modalities, including Kundalini Yoga (aren’t you curious? I am!

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Sherri Moore SendMe Tasks

Building a Virtual Assistance Company

Becoming a virtual assistant was something I considered strongly as I started exploring different opportunities to grow a flexible business from home. As the online world has grown, so has the need for assistance with tasks that can be done remotely. Sherri Moore started growing her team in 2017 and

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Business Coach Maggie Perotin from Stairway to Leadership

Business Coach Helps Empower Women

Maggie Perotin from Stairway to Leadership is going to knock your socks off. Maggie is a business coach for women small business owners. If you need a boost of energy, enthusiasm, and inspiration to help you meet your business goals, you’ve gotta start hanging out with Maggie (virtually, of course).

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Cory Peterson Meadowlark Consulting

Hi, I'm Cory

I am a web designer, tech consultant, and mid-life entrepreneur. I am passionate about lifting the voice, the impact, and the economic level of women entrepreneurs everywhere. I live in the Pacific Northwest with my family, my pup, and 5 chickens. 

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