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Style Coach Brings Her Flair

Kimberly Byers started Kim Byers Styling last year and is an amazing Style Coach. I have been fortunate enough to get to experience her expertise, and dang, is she good. She is all about building your confidence, encouraging you to invest in yourself and build a more meaningful and fulfilling life. Kim’s zone of genius is style and fashion, and she definitely knows what she’s talking about. You can find her on Instagram @KimByersStyling and she says if you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to DM her.

When did you start your business, and why did you create it?

I started the thought process many years ago, but I was working full time and I didn’t really know where to begin so I let it be until May 2020. I quit my full-time job in Finance in December 2019. I had been working in this industry for 12 years and it definitely took its toll on me. I was completely burnt out and it took me a few months to really decompress. In May 2020 I was sent an email from someone I had taken a course from. This email introduced me to another woman who was offering a five-day course on how to get your business started and I thought it sounded good, so I registered. This led me to a woman who has now become my Business Mentor and who has since led me every step of the way to where I am today.

I started this business because I wanted to live a more meaningful and fulfilled life. I not only wanted to be able to spend more time with my family, but I also wanted to opportunity to help other women, like myself.

Tell us about your business and what makes you unique in your field.

My Business is Style Coaching for Women.  I spent a lot of time working in retail and helping a number of women over the course of many years, to know that wardrobing and styling is something that I absolutely love.  The challenge was that I was never sure what angle I wanted to come at it from.  But, during the first few months of leaving my job, Covid hit, and that all changed.  Like many others, I became house bound and had little to no reason for getting dressed……I thought! Days turned into weeks, weeks to months and then before I knew it, I had spent the better portion of my year in pajamas!  I didn’t realize it at the time, but this started to impact my mental well-being. I really felt like a strong, confident, vibrant AND sexy woman on the inside, but what I saw being reflected in my mirror was something much different.  It was at this moment that I realized two things. The first was that I needed to do something to help myself to pull me out of this rut I had fallen into. I knew there wasn’t anybody else that could do this for me.  I had to decide that I was worth the effort and then take the required steps to move myself forward, because if I didn’t, the alternative would have been disastrous. The second realization was that if I was feeling this way, I knew there must be other women that feel the same. This is how Kim Byers Styling came to be. Now I help women like myself, match the way they feel on the inside with the way they look on the outside. I help women to evolve their style when they feel stuck and I help women to feel great about themselves again. Changes are inevitable. It’s how we decide to approach those changes that matters most.

What do you feel makes your audience special?

First and foremost, my audience is special because it is made of women! These women are also special because they are hard-working, multi-faceted, and courageous women who have realized their value and who have decided to invest back in themselves. When you choose to invest in yourself, you choose happiness, you choose confidence and you choose a more meaningful and fulfilled life for not only you, but also for those that you choose to surround yourself with.

If you could magically give all of your community members one thing in this world, what would it be, and why?

Gosh, this is a tough question because there are so many things I’d want to give to the members in my Community.  But, if I can choose only one thing, I think it would be eternal inner happiness because when you have that, nothing else matters. 

Has anything surprised you about starting a website?

I don’t yet have a website.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about starting their own business?

I would say stay in one lane and keep your focus.  It’s easy to become distracted by other things, but if you maintain your focus with the end goal in mind it’ll be simpler and hopefully easier.  I would also say to recognize the times when you need help and don’t be afraid to ask for it. You don’t have to walk through this journey alone.  Lastly, expect failure, but recognize that in failure there is a lesson. Learn from this lesson and keep trying.

If you could go back in time and do something differently, what would you do and why?

I would have taken a chance on myself much earlier. I could have been doing what I love to do and helping to empower other women, but I was afraid of failure for a very long time.

Do you have an email list? If so, did you start it when you launched?

Not as of yet, but that is something that I am currently working towards.

Is this your only job? Did you launch your business while working another job?

Yes, this is my only job and I didn’t start it while I was working in my Finance Career, mostly because I didn’t know how to start. I started to take action after working with my Business Mentor.

How do you promote your site?

I am relatively new to social media so I mostly promote by networking with others.  As I said, I don’t yet have a website, but if you are curious about me, you can check me out on Instagram at KimByersStyling.

Who are your favorite bloggers or podcasts right now? 

I don’t pay attention to many blogs or podcasts at the moment because I feel that it interferes with my creative processes.  As I mentioned earlier, it is important for me to stay focused.  For sure this will change in future, but for now I really need to keep from getting distracted.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Always invest in yourself because you are worth it!

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