Social Mediation Retreats

Social Media(tion) Retreats

Dawn Gonzalez built her business out of a desire to provide meaningful connections between mothers and tween/teen daughters. She does this by organizing retreats to Costa Rica and providing a variety of fun and engaging experiences to bring kids and parents closer together. Dawn has extensive knowledge and experience in Costa Rica and designs powerful retreats to build the connections. As a parent of an almost 12 year old, I can definitely see the need for and the power of these types of experiences.

2021 is the official start of Social Mediation Retreats. Over the past 9 years I have created “mini” impromptu retreats for young girls in Costa Rica. My daughter and I have made extended trips and it has been natural for me to gather her friends and coordinate activities and workshops.

Social Media(tion) Retreats was born from my desire to stay connected with my daughter. Now a teenager, we were inseparable until she reached the age of about 12. This was also the beginning of COVID and remote/distance learning. Although we were together as a family she spent a lot of time on the computer staying current with her studies, and even more time using social media to stay connected to her friends and peer groups. If I had to be honest I often felt a little left out. As a result, my retreats became a business designed to strengthen the mother/daughter bond, allowing for trust and acceptance of each other, as well as in ourselves.

For 5 days, and 4 nights mothers and daughters enjoy activities and workshops designed to bring them closer together. Activities such as life coaching workshops, stand up paddle boarding, yoga, zip lining, relaxing at 5 star ocean view villa, and more!

We live in a world of online technology and connections. Social media is constantly changing and developing, and it’s important to help our young adults navigate a heathy relationship with online contacts and content. Having the tools and skills to keep communication open, to teach our kids to trust themselves, and to feel self love and acceptance will only support their independence and ability to make good decisions.

If I could let the genie out of the bottle and have one wish for moms and tween/teen daughters it would be that they could see each other (within the relationship) how others see them. For example; often times moms are so wrapped up in being a mom… the lessons to teach, homework to check, dinner to make, etc, and daughters are growing and searching for their identity and independence…it’s cliche, but like “two ships that pass in the night” they miss out on a lot of the cool fun parts of each other. Hopefully that makes sense. Sometimes it’s okay to meet each other where we are and truly enjoy that person without any agenda.

Sharing my vision with friends and family has allowed me to jumpstart my business via word of mouth, and oddly enough, on social media 😊 Because I have a teenage daughter my focus has been on the 12-19 age group, however, with a few little schedule and activity tweaks I also host mother/son retreats and mother/adult children retreats. I have first hand experience in all the retreats I host. I have spent the past 9+ years exploring Costa Rica, I have raised two boys (now men), ages 34 and 32, and I love spending quality stress free time with my mom!

Come join me in Costa Rica 🌅 For information and availability find me on FB at Social Mediation Retreats, on IG @socialmediationretreats, via email at [email protected], or text/call at 760-652-9918…sometimes an adventure is all it takes!

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