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Please Allow Me to Re-Introduce Myself

TLDR: Hi! My name is Cory Ruedebusch (formerly Cory Peterson) and I own Meadowlark Consulting, a one-woman web design shop with a mission to empower more and more women to be financially abundant, successful, and full of fire and passion for this one amazing life we’re here to lead.

Hey there!

I thought I’d take a minute to re-introduce myself, my business, and my what is lighting my fire in my life right now! I’ve survived and thrived through the most difficult, and yet the most rewarding year and a half of my life, and I kinda want to tell you the reader’s digest version of my story.

I started Meadowlark Consulting on 11/11/2020 with the idea to start making money for myself and on my terms. Some of you know this is because I saw a divorce on my horizon and knew I had to take some action to be able to stand on my own two feet.

The first and hardest thing I realized I had to do was invest in myself in a program called the Web Designer Academy, and because I wasn’t purchasing a college-level course or certificate program, from an outside perspective it was a relatively risky proposition, at least in the way I had grown up seeing the world. You’re really going to give this stranger you met on the internet thousands of dollars? It was really the first time I confidently (sorta – there were still some doubts there) stepped into believing in myself and my decision making. But honestly? Best money I’ve ever spent on myself 1000x over.

At first I thought I would build websites for anyone and everyone, but working with my first client who owned a construction business taught me quickly that I did not want to work with just anyone – I needed to find my people, and create a business that resonated with me, my interests and passions. I quickly shifted to working primarily with women business owners who were spreading their amazing goodness into the world. What a difference that made!

I dove deep into my training programs, my personal healing and mindset work, my networking groups, my Women to Watch blog. Yes, this was partly to distract myself from the spiral of chaos and destruction going on in my personal life, but honestly, these women and programs transformed and maybe even saved my life. I started becoming more confident, I started trusting myself and my choices, I started becoming a part of these communities of amazing women who are building businesses, making an impact, making a well deserved income with no apologies about who we are, how much money we want to make, how we choose to live our lives! These women became my business tribe we help lift each other up every single day. And along the way, I learned a hell of a lot about how to build very effective, functional, and beautiful websites!

And what sets me apart is that I want this for you too. I want you to step into your power, your worth, your life. FULLY. When I work with women in building their websites, I want them to walk away from the process incredibly happy and proud of their new website – when you see yourself and your business in the light that everyone else sees, and when you do the work to align your vision with your messaging, you’re going to blow your own mind with how powerful you are. You’re going to charge sustainably, you’re going to sizzle when you see your own site and proudly share it with friends and clients. I’m so excited to be your cheerleader as your new site helps you grow into the next level version of yourself.

Finally, after a full year of crazy, I am officially divorced. I have changed my name back to my maiden name, and you will start seeing my renewed name Cory Ruedebusch start popping up here and there as I make this transition. I am completely on fire about lifting other women up as much as I can, and helping them see their true power.

Thank you for being a part of my little community and newsletter here. I like to use this space to tell you about what’s going on in my business, share info about other women and businesses that I admire and am cheering on, as well as share a few tech tips and tricks and other fun things I’ve come across over the last month. Please feel free to respond to any of these emails – they come right back to me sitting in my backyard office in Shoreline, Washington. I love hearing from you and if there is a topic you’d like to see here, or a question you have about my process, or anything really, please don’t hesitate to hit me up.

Have an amazing summer! Talk to you next month!

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P.S. Super duper shout-outs to Web Designer AcademyThe Conscious EdgeFBomb Breakfast ClubAccelerated Business AllianceBrandStrengthLaura KamarkClare ConceptJean Kercheval PhotographyLimb Dweller Transitional Coaching, and many many many more amazing women I’ve met on this journey.

P.P.S. This was an email I sent to my newsletter list at the end of 2022. If you’d like to get on my mailing list, you can sign up on the sidebar of this page.

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Cory Peterson Web Designer from Meadowlark Consulting

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I am a web designer, tech consultant, and mid-life entrepreneur. I am passionate about lifting the voice, the impact, and the economic level of women entrepreneurs everywhere. I live in the Pacific Northwest with my two kids, my pup, and 4 chickens.

Unless I tell you otherwise, these amazing women are not my clients! They are people I’ve met along the way, rocking their businesses, sharing their passion and expertise with the world, and being an inspiration to me and other business owners who are up and coming.

If you’re a small business owner or online service provider, now is your time to shine! Never dim your light to make others feel comfortable.  I know I can help you build a brand, a website, and an online presence that people are crazy about. Please get in touch if you’d like to chat!

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