Ready to Take Your Web Presence to the Next Level?

You're in the Right Place!

You're ready for a website that establishes you as a professional in your field, that does a lot of the heavy lifting for you, and attracts your ideal client.

The only problem is that you’re not that techie and talking about computers and websites is like a second language. Or maybe computers are fine, and all that, but you just don’t have time to figure it out. Maybe you’re not sure what a website can actually do for you or your business. And geesh, it all just seems so overwhelming…

If you could just find that perfect person who gets you, who understands your business needs and wants, who is motivated to help make your vision a reality, and who speaks in a language you can understand…

Hey, Guess What! You Found Me!

Hi there! I’m Cory, a tech consultant from the Pacific Northwest with Midwest roots. My mission is to empower you to make confident changes – I want you to see your value and everything you have to offer and boldly move in the direction of your dreams. I started my business to help women like you overcome tech obstacles, figure out different ways to make your life easier, and most importantly, share your amazing talents with the world.

I am an expert in figuring out the needs of my clients and delivering solutions that surpass expectations. Together we will navigate the complexities of your business, determine the most effective strategies to share your expertise with your community, and come up with technical solutions you trust, love, and understand. We will get the tech in place so your business can grow and thrive. And so you can accomplish your important goals.

Cory Peterson web designer tech consultant

The Meadowlark Pact

There is no such thing as a dumb question.

I will educate you to the best of my ability for the tech you need today and what you should plan for in the future.

I will always look out for your business and find ways to support you.

I will empower you with the tools and education to maintain your website after your project is complete.

I am in business to support not only myself and my family but to raise the voice, impact, and economic level of women business owners everywhere.

Website Project Planner - Meadowlark Consulting

Get Started with some Planning!

If you’re still in the planning stage, I get it! Check out my Website Project Planner to wrap your head around all the details that go into designing a new website.